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Shoreline Raker Program

  • 18 May 2015
  • 05 Jun 2015
  • Wyman Pond


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Aquatic Control Technology is a sub-contractor hired by the association to remove nuisance aquatic vegetation and debris from individual beachfront areas with the Hydro-Rake. The Hydro-Rake is basically a back-hoe with a rake attachment mounted on a paddle boat. The machine removes the roots and stems of nuisance weeds up to a depth of 12ft and can clean an average beach 75ft x 50ft in approx. 1.5 hrs depending on the weed density. Individual frontage owners who are interested in contracting the Hydro-Rake must complete this form and return along with payment by MAY 1 ST to the address shown above. Late applications may be rejected since the time on Wyman’s is limited. The Hydro Rake does not have on board storage, therefore each rake full must be deposited on the shores edge where the property owner will be responsible for removing the material promptly. If you are not going to be present during your raking we encourage you to send a map with detailed instruction of the area you want rake along with the location you want the weeds deposited. If your deposit area is far from the raking area you may be wasting valuable contracted time. 

  If applying for more than one property.  Please register for event multiple times providing the address for property to be raked.

 Please provide signage with your last name on it to locate area to be raked.  Sign should be visible from 100 ft off shore.

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